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Avoiding Price Gimmicks: Understanding Window Discounts

Most homeowners are constantly inundated with replacement window marketing tactics, from billboards to door hangers to flashy mail pieces and TV commercials. Some companies even send salespeople door to door with aggressive sales pitches.

The common theme among these window advertising campaigns is the promise of unbelievable discounts and savings. Unfortunately, if something sounds too good to be true it usually is and there are a lot of tricks and price gimmicks involved with most window sales strategies.

What Are Price Gimmicks?

First, it is important to understand that window discounts do not work UNLESS THE ORIGINAL PRICE IS INFLATED. Some companies will inflate the price of windows and installation by 30 to 40, even 50 percent before applying discounts.

Think about the advertising you receive for replacement windows for your home — “Buy 1 Get 1 Free Window” or the infamous “50% off window replacement” sales. These are examples of classic window price gimmicks.

Why do some window companies use tricky sales tactics? Because at the end of the day, the true math reveals there is no deal at all, no savings for the homeowner, just tricky math pretending to offer a great deal on new windows.

Most of these window replacement companies have the same goal: to entice the homeowner to buy new windows without understanding their options or the real cost of materials and installation.

That’s why it is important to do your research and work with a window replacement company like Red River Windows that provides upfront, accurate and honest pricing without the misleading price games and gimmicks.

Beware of Price Mark-Ups

Regardless of the “discounts” some window companies promise, one way or another you will end up paying for your window replacement for at least the true market price or higher. Simply put, most window gimmicks simply aren’t true.

A window company may promise an unbelievably low price, then tack on tons of hidden fees and costs later. The problem is, by then it’s too late to change your mind or choose a more ethical, transparent window replacement company.

Price Gimmicks and Window Quality

If window replacement companies are not upfront and honest about their pricing, how can you trust the quality of the work? What happens after the window replacement project when you need repairs, new installations, or other services?

If a window company is focused on making the sale by promising super-low prices for new windows, it is likely that they do not prioritize high quality products or installation. And, when it comes to windows and other home exterior projects, you get what you pay for.

These companies must make a profit, so to justify bloated discounts, they have to make up the costs elsewhere – such as low-quality materials and sloppy installations by untrained or minimally trained workers. This process will turn your great deal into a bad deal quickly with costs for repairs, weatherproofing, repainting, and replacements.

And, the cheapest windows available will lead to problems down the road, such as air and water leaks, broken glass, and window frame damage. It is also likely that you won’t have any quality assurances, satisfaction guarantees, or lifetime warranties to cover any issues that arise.

You’ll have to pay for any issues post-installation out of your own pocket. Investing in window replacement with trusted local pros like Red River Windows will ensure your new windows are expertly installed and protected.

Trusted, Affordable Window Installation

Partner with a trusted window contractor like Red River Windows, Oklahoma’s Local Pro, for honest deals and pricing with high quality windows installed by Oklahoma’s top-trained local window experts. With Red River, you will never have to be concerned about tricks, gimmicks or shoddy workmanship.

Red River provides the most accurate, transparent pricing for your window project, including a thorough inspection and a no obligation, zero pressure consultation that is more of a conversation than a high stakes sales pitch.

In fact, our goal is to start a long-term relationship with our fellow Oklahoma homeowners, rather than focus on quick commissions. Our free consultations involve exploring window samples, discussing design and appropriate maintenance, and showing how different windows operate.

Our experts will measure your window openings, recommend window options, and review our warranties. Once these tasks are completed, you will receive a comprehensive, transparent quote for your window project.

Key factors that set Red River Windows apart from other window replacement providers includes affordable financing, exceptional warranty coverage and industry-leading energy savings.

Hire The Local Pros

With 18-month financing at 0% interest, Red River homeowners can choose among our deferred interest promotions and affordable budget-minded options for an easy and convenient way to pay for any window replacement project.

Plus, at Red River our replacement windows are backed by a transferable limited lifetime warranty (residential) that protects your investment. The warranty covers all window frame and sash components including defects such as peeling, flaking, chipping, blistering and corrosion.

Plus, the Red River warranty provides protection from manufacturer defects in material and workmanship, glass abnormalities, accidental glass breakage and screens.

Homeowners can also reduce the cost of their energy bills with Red River’s ENERGY STAR rated replacement windows. Homes lose about 25-30% of their energy use from heat gain and loss via windows. Investing in high quality, energy-efficient windows ensures that you get premium seals on your windows. They’ll last longer and save you more money in the long term.

If you are ready to shop for new windows, you can trust the Local Pros at Red River. During your consultation, we provide lists of references along with proof of licensing and insurance. Since we started serving our community 22 years ago with home exterior services, helping more than 16,000 happy property owners, we have established ourselves as Oklahoma’s premier window and door installation company. We also offer repairs and other home exterior services through Red River Siding and Red River Roofing.

Whatever your home window needs are, we are here to help with the best trained professionals, highest quality products and industry-leading homeowner satisfaction.

No Games and No Gimmicks

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