Roof Maintenance
for Commercial Businesses

Your structure’s most critical component

The roof can be easy to forget about. It’s out of sight and out of mind. But not only is your roof the most important component of a commercial building structure – and the easiest to overlook – it’s also the most vulnerable.

It never gets a break defending your business from wind, rain, fire, hail, snow, ice and extreme heat, all of which contribute to the decay and deterioration of your roof, causing roof leaks, damage and premature failure.

Roof Maintenance Program Facts

  • Required by most manufacturers’ warranties
  • Can save 50% or more over a roof’s 20-year life cycle
  • Tax deductible
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Red River’s Roof Maintenance Program lets you forget about the roof. Let us maintain it so you won’t have to. With a Red River Roof Maintenance Program, you don’t have to worry about the roof, because we’ll be on top of it – literally.

The Red River Annual Roof Maintenance Program includes:

  • 360° inspection of building exterior to identify potential leak hazards & safety concerns
  • Roof system inspection with photos of roof field conditions
  • Core cut down to decking to identify and verify roof assembly and potential energy or leak issues
  • Debris removal, drain cleaning and pitch pan top-off
  • Recommended actions based on urgency levels for repairs and price to correct per manufacturer’s specifications
  • Estimated timeline before roof replacement is necessary
  • Roof audit report
Proactively maintained roofs last nearly 50% longer on average

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Less than 1% of roof failures are caused by defective roofing materials. Common reasons commercial roofs fail:

  • Lack of maintenance
  • UV / solar deterioration
  • Hail damage
  • Strong winds
  • Dimensional instability
  • Ponding water
  • Clogged drainage
  • Roof debris
  • Vegetation growth on roof
  • Mechanical damages
  • Poor installation
  • Foot traffic
  • Heat transfer
  • Inadequate insulation

Roofers for Rent

We understand some maintenance decisions are ultimately driven by cost. Red River Roofing’s “Roofers for Rent” program provides you a cost-effective way to proactively and re-actively manage your commercial roof with a set cost in mind.

8-Hour* Program

Two trained and certified commercial repair and maintenance technicians

  • Dispatched to spend a full day (8 hours) at your location
  • Investigation and repair of active and potential leak sources
  • Repair of splits, tears and cuts
  • Repair of punctures, cracks and small holes
  • Repair of loose wall flashings
  • Debris removal

*For issues requiring more time, we’ll work together to meet your needs.

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Roof Restoration & Restorative Coatings

Don’t let an under-performing roof system cause you unnecessary headaches. Red River Roofing can provide you with an economical answer to extending the life of your roof with restorative coatings. Our carefully selected variety of the market’s best elastomeric coatings can help extend the life of your commercial roof for many years.

Roof Restoration includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Repairing problems
  • Sealing flashings
  • Re-coating with restorative coatings


  • Reduces the sun’s heat and damaging UV radiation
  • Less expensive option than roof replacement or reactive repairs
  • Tax incentives
  • Energy Star rated
  • Offers seamless, waterproof protection for seamed roofing systems
  • Helps keep the roof cool, lowering utility costs
  • Extends the life of your current roof

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Manufacturers know that one thing stands between them and the reputation of their products: a quality installer.

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I’ve used Red River Roofing many times over the last 5 years for various work, such as window replacement, siding work, door installation, and roof repair. The latest job was a new roof. The roof looks amazing. Neighbors have complemented on the look of the new roof, and how quickly the work was done. The quality and professionalism these guys continually exhibit are why I’ll keep coming back.

- Matthew Ligon

This company showed an interest and passion for their trade over anything I’ve experienced working with roofers/contractors before. All the employees we encountered from salesman, to project manager to the crew were fantastic and our new roof looks AMAZING!

- Kayla Shade

I called based on Red River’s reputation and I absolutely made the right decision. I knew it from the first visit. The result is certainly representative of a quality company. Everything from the contact, service, care for my home and quality materials was the best. Should you be reading this and considering a roofing company, I assure you that you will be as happy as I am.

- Mike Jezercak

In my opinion Red River Roofing sets the bar. They are so efficient, my experience was stress free and my house looks amazing. I’ve been telling everyone without hesitation Red River Roofing is the best.

- Amy Wall

I really appreciated the professionalism and good communication from everyone at Red River. They repaired everything in a reasonable amount of time, and I would definitely contact them again if we have other issues.

- Luke Ritchie

The overall experience with Red River Roofing was amazing. From the initial cost with Dayton to the actual project under the supervision of Steven. Had a complete roof replacement and new gutters along with reskinning the chimney. The out come was amazing!!! Highly recommend to everyone!

- Aaron & Shelbi Pierce