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The top of your house – including the attic and roofing – has a difficult job. Whether it’s 110° or 6° outside, whether there’s driving rain or it’s bone-dry outside, you expect a comfortable temperature indoors. Attic insulation is crucial to managing indoor conditions. In tandem with proper ventilation, it protects your roof from ice dams, overheating and mold and mildew growth. Insulation also keeps your heating and cooling units from overworking, which reduces HVAC maintenance costs. However, as important as insulation is, Oklahoma building codes require only basic and minimal amounts of insulation.
Attic Insulation | Red River Roofing, Siding and Windows

That means 90% of Oklahoma homes are under-insulated

If you can see the rafters in your attic, chances are you don’t have enough insulation. Even if your rafters are buried, your insulation likely needs a check-up – especially to ensure the ventilation is effectively moving airflow. We’ll do that free of charge. Just call 405-330-0025.

Well insulated homes save up to 45% on heating and cooling costs – an average of nearly $264 annual savings.
Insulation Cost Savings | Red River Roofing, Siding and Windows

Insulation Cost Savings Example

Average Project Cost$2,500
Average Monthly Payment w/Financing$38
Average Monthly Electric Bill$300
Average Monthly Cost Savings$60
Average Monthly Return on Investment (ROI)$22
x12 mos.

Note – Average costs, Savings and monthly ROI will vary

1st yr. ROI

High performance fiberizing technology

We proudly use Owens Corning Pro Pink expanding fiberglass blown-in insulation, which never settles, maintaining the same energy saving level for years to come. These next-gen fibers conform to any cavity and depth during installation, filling in around wires, pipes, and other construction elements. While other insulation products may settle over time, Owens Corning’s advanced fibers do more with less glass material, creating an efficient network of expanded “thermal reservoirs” that resist heat transfer within your attic or walls.

Ask about financing to make this energy-positive move even more affordable

Typically, your monthly payment is less than your monthly savings!

Improving your insulation can also qualify you for energy rebates like these:

OMPA OG&E PSO Edmond Electric

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I’ve used Red River Roofing many times over the last 5 years for various work, such as window replacement, siding work, door installation, and roof repair. The latest job was a new roof. The roof looks amazing. Neighbors have complemented on the look of the new roof, and how quickly the work was done. The quality and professionalism these guys continually exhibit are why I’ll keep coming back.

- Matthew Ligon

This company showed an interest and passion for their trade over anything I’ve experienced working with roofers/contractors before. All the employees we encountered from salesman, to project manager to the crew were fantastic and our new roof looks AMAZING!

- Kayla Shade

I called based on Red River’s reputation and I absolutely made the right decision. I knew it from the first visit. The result is certainly representative of a quality company. Everything from the contact, service, care for my home and quality materials was the best. Should you be reading this and considering a roofing company, I assure you that you will be as happy as I am.

- Mike Jezercak

In my opinion Red River Roofing sets the bar. They are so efficient, my experience was stress free and my house looks amazing. I’ve been telling everyone without hesitation Red River Roofing is the best.

- Amy Wall

I really appreciated the professionalism and good communication from everyone at Red River. They repaired everything in a reasonable amount of time, and I would definitely contact them again if we have other issues.

- Luke Ritchie

The overall experience with Red River Roofing was amazing. From the initial cost with Dayton to the actual project under the supervision of Steven. Had a complete roof replacement and new gutters along with reskinning the chimney. The out come was amazing!!! Highly recommend to everyone!

- Aaron & Shelbi Pierce