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Our thermally advanced glass provides superior energy-efficiency, visibility and year-round comfort in Oklahoma’s challenging climate. Getting to know your options will help you choose the best glass for your home.

If you are experiencing foggy windows, learn more about insulated glass failure and how we can help

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Low-E Glass

The ultimate in solar heat control, fading protection and visibility, Low-E glass provides the highest level of year-round comfort and energy savings. Its 12-layer clear-coat formula with three layers of silver reflects the sun’s heat without spoiling the view. Low-E glass blocks 95% of harmful UV rays, keeping furniture, flooring, carpets and curtains looking like new.

Tempered Glass (Safety Glass)

Four to five times stronger than normal glass, tempered glass provides protection against break-ins and penetration from airborne debris during violent winds. When broken, this glass shatters into small, oval-shaped pebbles, eliminating the danger of sharp edges. It is commonly used in building code required safety areas, such as around doors, low window heights and bathrooms.

Laminated Glass

For the ultimate in efficiency and security, choose laminated glass. Not only does laminated glass block more than 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, it also reduces noise and will not fall out inside the home if the window is struck with force. Our laminated glass windows have a sound transmission coefficient of a 2×6 insulated wall, which reduces noise from traffic, barking dogs and lawn mowers.


Our insulated glass units have at least two panes of glass separated by a low-conductance space that helps to minimize the transfer of heat between the glass panes.

Glass Panes

Dual pane windows consist of two pieces of glass with the option for LowE glass, argon glass, and a low-conductance spacer. Platinum Series windows come standard with double strength glass panes.


Provides superior thermal performance with three panes of glass, creating two separate insulating airspaces.

Argon Gas

Sealed between the glass panes, argon gas provides an odorless, non-toxic gas that is much denser than air – making for a better insulated and more energy-efficient window.

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Insulated Glass Failure

Foggy, wet looking windows? A sure sign of insulated glass failure.

Most homes were constructed with builder grade insulated glass windows, which include low-cost glass seals. These seals are likely to fail prematurely – often within 5 to 10 years. Additionally, the spacer between the glass panes is only ¼” wide, providing minimal insulated performance.

While it’s tempting to only replace these poor performing glass panes, in most cases it’s our recommendation to instead invest these dollars in full, high performance replacement windows, with all the features and benefits outlined here. This isn’t only an investment in better energy efficiency – it gives any house and immediate facelift.

Replace Foggy Windows with Insulated Glass Failure | Red River Windows
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