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Storm Sharks Leave Wake of Sad Roofing Stories

In today’s roofing industry, many homeowners impacted by storm damage are experiencing “sad roofing stories.”

These stories are growing across the central region of the country, including Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Arkansas where the residential roofing market is fueled by severe storms –primarily hailstorms.

Unfortunately, these storms and the damage they leave behind are attracting opportunist “Modern Storm Chasing Contractors” — also known as “Storm Sharks” — who come from out of town and often out of state to prey on vulnerable homeowners needing repairs to their roofs.

So, what is a “Modern Storm Chasing Contractor” and why should homeowners avoid hiring these contractors to perform work on their homes after the storm?

Over the last several years, many new roofing contractors have established businesses because of the perceived easy money that comes from preying on homeowners’ insurance claim money. Their primary goal is to exploit insurance claims resulting from storm damage to a home’s roof and exterior.

Storm Sharks are very easy to identify. They are the door-knockers asking homeowners to sign a Free PIP contract (Per Insurance Proceeds), usually without even inspecting the roof to see if there is any damage.

Protect yourself and your home with the facts about these Storm Sharks and you can avoid your own “Sad Roofing Story:”

1.    Inexperience is Expensive.
Storm chasing contractors are often new start-ups with limited roofing knowledge or training. More and more of these “pop up roofers” flood into Oklahoma communities every week during storm season and when any damaging weather event occurs. Their inexperience is costly to homeowners as their work typically needs additional repairs from experienced contactors once they have moved on.

2.    All About the Sale, Not the Service.
Most of these opportunistic roofing start-ups are hiring young salespeople without roofing, training or project management skills. They are trained to make the sale – to get your signature on a contract, often before even inspecting your roof and exterior for damages. These same untrained, uninformed roofing salesmen are also tasked with managing the repairs on your home, even ordering the proper materials and “managing” a crew to perform the repairs and installation.

3.    Poor Repairs Lead to More Repairs.
When inexperienced, unlicensed, untrained and unsupervised roofers perform wok on your home, the roof is often installed with no trained supervision and therefore many mistakes are made with improper specifications, flashing details, proper ventilation, and exterior home protection. In addition, they use improper materials that do not meet manufacturer and building code requirements.

4.    Beware the Tail Light Warranty.
Modern Storm Chasing Contractors often mislead homeowners into believing they are highly skilled and legitimate. However, homeowners typically won’t find issues with the so-called “repairs” until the roof malfunctions and nobody is there to correct the work. Why? These nonlegitimate contractors have already moved on to the next storm — or closed business for lack of work after the “easy money” is gone. After they’ve completed the job, their support lasts only as long as it takes for the truck’s taillights to disappear out of sight and out of town.

5.    Negative Impacts on Your Insurance.
Important Detail – The common game for Modern Storm Chasing Contractors and their salesmen is to tell all homeowners to file roof claims without even inspecting for the necessary storm damage. These storm sharks just pitch the “Free Roof” concept to homeowners (meaning homeowner pays zero $ in insurance deductibles), so that they can get unsuspecting people to sign contracts with them. Make sure that you, as a homeowner, do your research on this topic of no-deductibles to replace your roof, and research the roofing contractor. It’s simply a numbers game… in their world, the money is made by making people file claims whether there is damage or not and hoping some claims are paid by insurance. The major problem with this shady tactic is that the homeowner is unaware that this affects their insurance history and future insurability – especially if they are filing false claims.

6.     Unlicensed = Legal Concerns.
The Oklahoma State Board requires any roofing contractor doing business in the state be registered through the CIB (Oklahoma Construction Industries Board). Storm Sharks are not registered through the CIB and therefore not legally authorized to work in Oklahoma as a roofer.

Finding a Happy Ending to the Sad Roofing Story

The local, professional, stable-trained and expert roofing contractors know the “Sad Roofing Story” all too well. In addition to cleaning up the shoddy work and mistakes left behind by these fly-by-night storm chasers, often the beginner salesmen they hire locally get tired of the charade and poor business environment and seek positions with reputable local roofing companies. 

the start-up business owner has shown up for a job interview or two. Some people it seems, become wary of the game and the scam.

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