Top Five Reasons for an Attic Insulation Inspection

One of the most important things you can do protect the overall health of your home is to have your attic insulation inspected each year.

Why? Your attic insulation is a key health indicator for your home. Many issues can begin in the attic and lead to roof leaks or pest infestations and even incredibly high energy bills.

Here are the top five reasons to schedule a regular attic inspection to prevent damages and protect your home:

Other than this, here’s why you should inspect your attic:

1. Reduce Energy Bills

Are you having home energy issues? Attic insulation plays a significant part in regulating the overall temperature of your home. Attic insulation works with ventilation and the roof structure to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the inside of your home. Ensuring you have proper attic insulation will reduce the amount of energy used to heat or cool your home and lower energy bills. In fact, a properly insulated attic can help decrease your electric bill by as much as 20 percent because a home that is insulated incorrectly loses up to 40 percent of its conditioned air through the attic.

2. Eliminate Mold and Fungus

Your attic can be prone to a build-up of dampness, creating the perfect conditions for mold to grow and thrive. Even a small leak can cause toxic mold growth and harm anyone living in the home. Spores from attic mold can travel in the air and quickly find their way into your living spaces. Specifically in the winter, moisture rises to the highest level in your home. Without a means to escape, moisture will build up and destroy the structural integrity of your home and cause mold to grow. Regular insulation in your attic will not provide enough protection against mold as it should, so be sure to have your attic inspected by local experts like Red River Roofing that provide blown-in insulation.

3. Keep Pests Out

Your attic is a hotspot for pests during cool winters and steamy summers. If your attic is currently uninhabited, it’s likely that at some point if left unchecked, it will attract pests such as cockroaches, ants, termites, rats, mice, bats, squirrels, and even birds. As these animals fight for survival, any opening in your roof system including ventilation and insulation provides quick access to your attic. Annual or even bi-annual insulation inspections will help you avoid a pest infestation in your attic.

4. Prevent Moisture from Building and Spreading

How can you tell if you have a leak in your attic? In some cases, this is not actually caused by loose roof shingles, but condensation build-up. Condensation can cause major issues in your home and can often only be identified by a highly-trained insulation expert during an attic inspection. This includes issues with incorrectly installed insulation, HVAC leaks, and ventilation. That’s why any attic insulation inspection should also include an assessment of your ventilation system. Insulation and ventilation work hand in hand to prevent moisture build up and related roof damages.

5. Weak Insulation

Unfortunately, almost 90 percent of homes do not have enough attic insulation. If you have an older home, it is likely that the previous owners used cheap materials and that the insulation was installed improperly. Other factors can evolve from old insulation falling out and loosening, causing significant air leaks. The good news is there are high quality, affordable advances in home insulation available to ensure your home is properly and safely insulated such as blown-in insulation. A major benefit of blown-in insulation is that by blowing the small, fluffy pieces of insulation into your attic space, you will cover every inch, every area regardless of shape or size, providing a thick layer of insulation. Red River Roofing uses the Owens Corning Expanding Blown-In Insulation System to provide an effective solution to prevent mold growth in your attic and save money on heating and cooling costs. 

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To inspect your home’s energy usage and performance, Red River Roofing offers a free insulation examination of your home’s attic.

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Red River Roofing has more than 22 years of experience in insulating and ventilating attics to protect Oklahoma homes. Our affordable, top of the line Owens Corning blown-in insulation reduces the amount of energy that it takes to heat and cool your home, protects your attic from mold and pests and prevents moisture buildup.

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Our Red River Roofing Siding & Windows Local Oklahoma Pros are experts in providing a full service, thorough attic inspection, including the condition of your insulation, ventilation, and roof integrity. Key factors that set us apart from other contractors include affordable financing, exceptional warranty coverage, outstanding customer service, highly trained and experienced local experts, and industry-leading energy savings.

You can trust your home and your budget with our Local Oklahoma Pros. We provide a FREE, thorough, and transparent assessment, including lists of references along with proof of licensing and insurance. We also do not engage in price games or gimmicks, providing only upfront pricing.

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