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Which Commercial Flat Roofing System Is Best for You?

Securing the appropriate roofing system is essential for any business. The roof safeguards the building, its contents, and its occupants from harsh weather. Commercial roofing in OKC, OK, demands thoughtful evaluation due to severe weather conditions. With numerous options available, selecting the best roofing system for your commercial property can be daunting. Here, we will explore various types of commercial flat roofing systems, their advantages, and why they could be the ideal choice for your business.

The Flexibility of Single-Ply Membrane Roofs

One of the most prevalent types of commercial flat roofing is the single-ply membrane system. This method involves covering the roof with a single layer of durable membrane material. Various materials are used as the membrane in single-ply flat roofing systems, with EPDM (a synthetic rubber) and TPO (a blend of materials) being common choices.

Advantages of Choosing a Membrane Roof

EPDM and TPO offer significant benefits, including lower costs compared to other materials. Additionally, membrane roofing is relatively easy to install and lightweight, making it suitable for most existing roof decks. However, there are some drawbacks to consider. Seams can be vulnerable points, membrane materials may shrink over time, and poor installation can lead to issues. Despite these challenges, when installed correctly by a professional, these roofs are durable, perform well, and are relatively easy to repair.

The Appeal of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a durable and reliable choice for commercial buildings, although it’s not exclusively used in flat roofing applications. Metal panels are commonly fastened in place for flat roofs, with standing seam metal roofs being particularly favored. These systems cover key roof fasteners, enhancing their appeal.

A Wise Choice for Your Commercial Roofing Needs

The durability of metal roofs surpasses many other options for commercial flat roofing. They are highly resistant to impact and wind damage, with rust being their main adversary, which can be prevented using the right metal type or anti-corrosive coatings. However, the primary obstacle to widespread metal roof adoption is cost. While a metal roof is a sound long-term investment, even more economical options like aluminum tend to have higher upfront costs compared to membrane roofs.

The Appeal of Asphalt/Built-Up Roofing

While membrane roofing is a prevalent choice today, built-up roofing (BUR) is still seen on many flat roofs. BUR has been a traditional option for commercial roofing. Essentially, BUR is made of layers of asphalt paper and tar, which are alternated during installation to create a sturdy, waterproof surface.

The Benefits of Choosing BUR Roofing

The primary advantage of BUR roofing is its durability. Similar to metal roofing, BUR roofs are highly resistant to impact damage and strong winds, and they tend to be more waterproof than membrane roofs. However, BUR roofing has declined in popularity for several reasons. It is heavy, often requiring roof reinforcement. It is not environmentally friendly, and its installation process is time-consuming. Additionally, if leaks occur, they can be challenging to repair.

commercial roofing okc ok by Red River Roofing

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