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Siding Installation Guide- Red Flags, Materials & Contractor

Siding is a substantial investment for homeowners in OKC, often lasting over two decades with proper installation. While it’s easy to overlook, siding is crucial for protecting your home’s interior and foundation. Eventually, all siding requires replacement to maintain this protection. Selecting the right company for your siding replacement involves careful consideration of various factors, including the best type of siding for your home and the most skilled installers. Below, find out essential insights to help you before you commit to a siding replacement. It helps to ensure you make the best choice for siding installation in OKC.

Recognizing the Red Flags for Your Siding

Fading or Color Changes

Fading on vinyl siding often results from prolonged UV exposure, indicating that the material has become brittle and more susceptible to damage. Similarly, even though wood siding can be refreshed with paint or stain, noticeable fading suggests it’s aging and might need replacing.

Rising Utility Costs

A spike in energy bills or experiencing drafts in your home could mean your siding is no longer providing adequate insulation. This loss of insulative properties is a clear sign that you need siding installation services.

Growth of Mold and Moss

The presence of mold, moss, or other plant growth on your siding isn’t just unsightly as it often signifies excessive moisture retention. This condition can lead to more severe issues, like structural damage, if not addressed promptly.

Signs of Water Infiltration

Aged siding that fails to protect against rainwater can lead to internal damage, including weakened structural integrity and damaged interior walls. This is a critical indicator that your siding requires urgent replacement.

Deformation of Siding

Bubbling or warping of siding materials is a sign that moisture has penetrated beneath the surface or that vinyl siding has been exposed to severe warmth, compromising its protective capabilities.

Pest Infestations

Inspect for damage caused by insects or animals such as termites, woodpeckers, or squirrels. Wood siding is especially prone to damage from termites, suggesting a need for immediate replacement to prevent further harm.

Siding Installation Guide-vinyl siding

Planning Your Budget for Siding Upgrade

Choosing the Right Siding Material

The cost of new siding varies significantly based on the material. Fiber cement siding is generally the priciest option, followed by various types of wood siding, which differ in price depending on their quality and finish. Vinyl siding usually presents the most economical choice.

Considerations for Additional Components

Often, a siding project involves replacing related exterior elements of your home like soffits, fascia boards, trim, & crown molding. These additions are crucial to factor into your overall budget.

Home Size and Siding Costs

The larger the surface area requiring new siding, the higher the expense, as costs are typically calculated per square foot.

Existing Siding Removal

Ensure that the quote from your contractor for siding installation includes the removal and disposal of your old siding. This can significantly affect your total cost if not initially considered.

Permits and Inspection Fees

Major renovations may require permits, which come at a cost, even though they vary by location. Moreover, post-installation inspections might be necessary and should be planned for financially.

Securing an Accurate Estimate

Choose a contractor for siding installation who conducts a thorough inspection rather than a superficial assessment of your home to provide a detailed and accurate estimate. This approach helps avoid unexpected charges later on.

Selecting a Reliable Contractor for Siding Installation

Choosing the right contractor often hinges on trust. When it’s time for siding installation, picking the right contractor can be complex. Trustworthy contractors for siding installation distinguish themselves by conducting a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior, ensuring that their estimate is comprehensive and accurate. Beware of contractors who offer superficially low estimates to attract business; such low-cost solutions may not always align with your home’s long-term value and protection. Instead, focus on finding a contractor who is committed to transparency and takes the time to explain the siding installation costs & process clearly.

Depending on Your Siding Professionals

Ethical Engagement

The business must be founded on integrity, offering homeowners a straightforward and honest service. They avoid aggressive sales tactics and deceptive practices in all our siding projects.

Dedicated Oversight

A professional team prioritizes your siding project with meticulous attention to detail. The experts perform in-depth evaluations, including roof inspections and detailed measurements, to prevent unexpected expenses during the project.

Certified and Secure

Skilled professionals with extensive experience ensure safe and efficient siding installation. You can trust them with your home, even in your absence.

Quality Assurance

A dedicated & concerned authority supervises each siding project, ensuring high standards are met and addressing any of your concerns, guaranteeing your satisfaction with the outcome.

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