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Missing Shingles? Check If You Need Roof Repairing or Not

Imagine you’re standing in your front yard, admiring your beautiful home and then: bam! You spot a bald spot on your house – missing shingles on your roof. It’s like your home just lost some of its hair! Alas, even homes can’t escape the inevitable hand of time. So, is it time to panic or time to buckle down for some good old roof repair?

What’s The Big Deal About A Few Missing Shingles?

Let’s ask, “Should I replace those pesky missing shingles?” Well, in a nutshell, yes! These tiny protectors act like the knights of your castle, shielding you from wind, rain, snow and everything Mother Nature might throw at you. When even one knight is Missing In Action, your Oklahoma castle is vulnerable, leading to leaks, damage and major wallet drainage. So, if you spot a missing shingle, consider it a red flag and get your roof repair pros near you on call.

A Spot Roof Repair Or An Overall Makeover: What’s Your Pick?

Replacing all the shingles might seem as appealing as a root canal, but sometimes, it’s necessary. If you notice your roof is shedding shingles faster than a dog loses its winter coat, it might be time for an all-out replacement. Yes, this option can be pricey, but consider it a long-term investment that’ll save you from frequent and costly roof repair visits.

Those Telltale Signs of A Frowning Roof

Not all roofs scream for help. Sometimes, the signs are as subtle as a whisper. Here are a few to keep your eye out for:

The Case Of The Shattered Shingles

Seeing shingles cracked or curled like shrimp on the barbie? That’s your roof’s way of telling you it’s not doing well. Broken shingles may lead to leaks, water damage or, in a worst-case scenario, a total roof collapse (and we’re pretty sure that’s not on your wish list).

When Your Roof Feels Under The Weather – Literally

It seriously needs attention if your roof is damp, soft or waterlogged. A wet roof is a weak roof, and it won’t take much to turn into a leaking one. Remember, a leaky roof can lead to a saggy ceiling and, let’s face it; no one wants to live under a droopy ceiling.

When Your Attic Starts Resembling A Jungle

If you spot leaves, twigs or even the occasional squirrel in your attic, consider it an SOS from your roof. Debris and animals in the attic mean your roof is compromised, and it’s time for some repair action. Plus, who wants to share their home with uninvited woodland guests anyway?

Keeping an eye on your roof is more crucial than you may think. Whether it’s a few missing shingles or an attic turned into a woodland critter B&B, the health of your roof impacts the safety and comfort of your home. So, the next time you see a missing shingle or two, don’t just shrug it off. Call your trusted roof repair experts and save your home from the perils of a balding roof.

roof shingle repair okc

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The overall experience with Red River Roofing was amazing. From the initial cost with Dayton to the actual project under the supervision of Steven. Had a complete roof replacement and new gutters along with reskinning the chimney. The out come was amazing!!! Highly recommend to everyone!

– Aaron & Shelbi Pierce

Red River Roofing did a great job on my new roof! From the initial inspection and estimate review, to completion, the process was easy and the staff were always available to answer questions, or just to keep me up to date on each step of the installation. The roof crew were very respectful of my property and did a great job of cleaning up, and even double checked for dropped nails since I have a dog. Highly recommend and already have siding and gutter projects set up with them.

– Amy Morris

Had inspection of roof damage with cost est. To repair. The inspection was completed well and professionally. Red River Roofing provides excellent work. I recommend this business to anyone needing roof repair estimation.

– Gus Palmer, Jr.