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What You Should Know About Replacing Your Windows and Doors?

When considering updates to your home, replacing old windows and doors with new ones enhances the appearance and improves energy efficiency and security. While the idea of such an upgrade might seem daunting, understanding the benefits and knowing the right steps can simplify the process. As temperatures fluctuate and energy bills rise, it’s crucial to seal your home well against the elements. Whether you’re looking to reduce noise, lower energy costs, or increase your property value, starting with a window and door upgrade is a strategic move. Specifically, considering a door replacement in OKC could be your next smart home investment.

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What Glass Options Boost Home Efficiency?

The effectiveness of glass in insulating your home hinges significantly on the application of Low-E coatings. These coatings are essential for several reasons: they retain heat within the home, reduce solar heat gain and shield your interiors from the damaging effects of UV rays. The specific Low-E coating that is ideal for your windows depends on your local climate and external factors like shading from trees or nearby buildings. When considering door replacement and window upgrades, your contractor will guide you through the various options, helping you select the most suitable for your situation.

Adding an extra glass pane is another effective strategy to enhance window performance. By choosing triple-pane windows, you not only boost energy efficiency but also reduce noise pollution from outside. For those concerned with security and severe weather, specialized glass options like security or storm glass provide an additional layer of safety against break-ins and extreme conditions.

Can You Customize Your Home with Decorative Glass?

No matter the architectural style of your house—be it craftsman, Victorian, modern colonial, or ranch—decorative glass offers a way to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your new windows and doors. Opt for a simulated divided lite grid pattern that aligns with the unique character of your home. These grids can be strategically placed between the panes for ease of maintenance. Moreover, for areas where privacy is crucial, consider using tinted or textured decorative glass to enhance both style and functionality.

Which Materials Maximize Window and Door Longevity?

Incorporating the elegance and coziness of natural wood into your window interiors can transform your living spaces into inviting havens. For the exteriors, the options typically include aluminum cladding, fiberglass, or vinyl plastic. Among these choices, extruded aluminum and fiberglass stand out for their superior durability. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of each material.

Extruded Aluminum Cladding

This option requires minimal upkeep and maintains its finish for years. It is thicker and more robust than roll-formed aluminum, offering better resistance to dents. Unlike vinyl, it will not warp or become brittle under extreme heat or UV exposure.


Similar to extruded aluminum, fiberglass also boasts a low maintenance and durable finish. It is tougher against dents and scratches compared to other materials. Fiberglass is renowned for its superior thermal efficiency and does not suffer from the expansion and contraction issues seen in vinyl plastics.

How Should You Measure for Window and Door Replacement?

Starting Measurements: Begin by measuring your windows and doors to discuss specifics with potential contractors. Exact accuracy isn’t crucial initially, as contractors will conduct their own detailed measurements to ensure product fit and project success.

Additional Checks: Contractors might remove a portion of the window or door trim to accurately assess the needs for your installation. They’ll need to know if your home’s walls are built with 2×4 or 2×6 framing.

Window Measurement Protocol: Measure windows in inches, noting width followed by height (e.g., 36×60 for a window 36 inches wide by 60 inches tall). Inside your home, measure the space between the side jambs and the top-to-bottom jamb. For windows finished with drywall instead of jamb extensions, measure from drywall edge to edge and from top to bottom.

Door Measurement Guidelines: Like windows, people measure door widths first, then heights, sometimes indicating measurements in feet and inches. For example, a 32-inch-wide door is also known as 2/8 (2 feet, 8 inches wide). Measure doors by opening the door and measuring the door slab horizontally and vertically. Common door height is 80 inches, referred to as 6/8 (6 feet, 8 inches).

Door Replacement Consideration: Whether considering door replacement or new installation, knowing how to correctly measure your existing doors ensures the new doors fit perfectly and function as intended.

Is It Possible to Alter the Size of Your Windows and Doors?

Expanding Openings: To enhance views and increase natural light, you might consider enlarging window or door openings. This often involves structural changes, such as moving electrical wiring and plumbing. While feasible, these modifications typically require a skilled remodeling contractor beyond standard door replacement services.

Reducing Openings: Reducing the size of windows to accommodate new interior features like built-in shelves or artwork is structurally simpler. However, local building codes may limit the reduction of these openings to small sizes due to safety and emergency access requirements.

What Are the Best Strategies to Save Money on Door Replacement?

Evaluate Necessity: First, assess whether full replacements are necessary. Sometimes, repairing existing windows or replacing only the most compromised ones can be more cost-effective.

Selective Screen Purchases: Opt to buy screens only for windows that you frequently open to cut costs.

Opt for Fixed Windows: Consider installing fixed windows in seldom-used locations to reduce expenses.

Quality vs. Cost: While initially cheaper, lower-quality windows and doors may not offer the best value long-term. Premium products typically last longer and offer better performance, potentially enhancing home value and saving money over their lifespan.

What Should You Anticipate During the Window and Door Installation Process?

Preparation and Arrival: The installation team may deliver your new windows and doors to your home before the scheduled installation date. Ensure you have space prepared, ideally in your garage, to store them safely.

Installation Timeframe:

  • Insert windows typically require about an hour for installation by a skilled two-person team.
  • Full window replacements in OKC often require more time due to complex trim work.
  • Expect door replacements to extend over several hours, depending on the complexity.

Workspace Requirements:

  • Clear both indoor and outdoor areas around the installation sites to provide ample workspace for the crew.
  • Trim any outdoor foliage that may obstruct access and move interior furniture as needed.

Protect Your Belongings:

  • Remove curtains, blinds, or shutters that could interfere with the installation.
  • Relocate valuable items to a safe area away from the work zones to prevent accidental damage.

Anticipating Repairs:

  • When replacing full windows or doors, prepare for potential discoveries of water damage.
  • While installation teams can handle minor repairs, significant damage might require a skilled carpenter or restoration professional.
  • Consider allocating a portion of your budget for unforeseen repairs to ensure a smooth completion of the project.

Which Critical Questions Should You Pose to Your Window and Door Installer?

  • Can you provide references from previous clients?
  • What insurance coverage do you hold?
  • What warranties are provided for products and labor?
  • Is it necessary to replace all windows and doors?
  • Should we consider inserting replacements or opting for full replacements?
  • Which would be more suitable for the project: extruded aluminum or fiberglass?
  • Would switching window styles (e.g., from double hung to casement) be beneficial?
  • What options are available for patio doors, such as sliding or French doors?
  • Which glass performance options do you recommend, and for what reasons?
  • What choices do you have for divided lite configurations?
  • What decorative glass styles are available?
  • What finishes are offered for hardware?
  • What security enhancements are available for doors and windows?
  • Who will handle the finishing of interior wood surfaces or exterior door faces?
  • Is there a cost difference for windows without screens?
  • Are fixed windows more affordable than operational ones?
  • Do you charge extra for removing and reinstalling shutters or curtains?
  • Can you handle the removal and replacement of the existing trim?
  • Are you equipped to modify opening sizes? If so, what is the procedure?
  • What is the likelihood of encountering water infiltration damage?
  • Are you prepared to fix any water infiltration damage discovered during installation?
  • What are the costs associated with necessary repairs or structural modifications?
  • Do you have recommendations for carpenters or painters if required?
  • How do you address lead paint in homes built before 1978?
  • Will there be a dumpster on site for debris?
  • Will the new windows and doors be delivered prior to installation?
  • Do you provide disposal services for old windows and doors?
  • Is weekend work part of your schedule?
  • What is the expected duration of the project once it starts?
  • When is the earliest you can begin the installation?

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