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What Essential Steps Ensure a Long-Lasting Roof Replacement?

Thinking about replacing your roof in Oklahoma City? It might seem like a straightforward project, but there‚Äôs more to it than meets the eye. From hidden costs of quick fixes to the importance of proper ventilation, each step is crucial for a long-lasting roof. Not addressing the wood beneath the shingles or skimping on protective layers can lead to bigger problems down the road. Ensuring quality through thorough inspections and choosing the right materials are key to protecting your home. Let’s learn what you need to know for a successful roof replacement in OKC.

roof replacement okc

Dangers of a Roof-Over – Why Short-Term Savings Cost More

While a roof-over, or simply placing new shingles over old ones, might seem like a budget-friendly option for roof replacement, the long-term consequences far outweigh the initial savings.

The additional layer of shingles in a roof-over traps heat, reducing the lifespan of your new roof by up to 25%. This heat buildup not only damages the shingles but also increases your home’s energy consumption, leading to higher heating and cooling costs.

Moreover, trapped moisture leads to condensation, which can cause the roof deck to rot, promote mold growth, and create unhealthy living conditions. The extra weight of two shingle layers can also strain the roof’s structure, causing sagging and an unsightly wavy appearance.

Another significant drawback is the impact on warranties. A roof-over typically voids workmanship warranties and can even affect the manufacturer’s material warranty.

Estimating Your Roof Replacement

Roofing professionals calculate the scope of your roof replacement project by measuring your roof and determining the number of “squares” needed. Each square covers 100 square feet, so a 20-square roof translates to 2,000 square feet of area to be shingled.

The Importance of Ventilation in Roof Longevity

Proper ventilation plays a crucial role in maximizing the lifespan of your new roof. It regulates attic temperatures in summer and minimizes moisture buildup in winter. When discussing your roof replacement, be sure to inquire about the type of ventilation your contractor includes to ensure your investment lasts.

Repairing the Foundation – The Wood Beneath Your Shingles

A professional roof replacement involves more than just removing old shingles; it also includes repairing any damaged wood beneath. It’s essential to confirm that your contractor addresses this aspect in your agreement. Installing new shingles over compromised wood can significantly shorten the lifespan of your roof replacement.

Shielding Your Investment – Protective Layers in Roof Replacement

Shingles should never be installed directly on bare wood during a roof replacement. Protective barriers, typically made of felt or similar materials, provide essential ice and water shields that safeguard your home, especially in regions prone to heavy rain or freezing temperatures. Ensure your contractor’s quote includes all necessary installation materials like fasteners, flashing, and drip edges.

Ensuring Quality – The Role of Inspections in Roof Replacement

A well-functioning roof system is a long-term investment in protecting your home and belongings. Discuss with your contractor the specifics of their quality assessment process and how they guarantee your satisfaction with the completed roof replacement. Some contractors offer independent inspections and certifications for added peace of mind.

Weathering the Storm – Wind Resistance and Your Roof

When evaluating roofing materials and installation methods, wind resistance is a crucial factor, particularly in areas susceptible to hurricanes, tornadoes, or other severe weather events. Wind speed warranties can range from 60 mph to 130 mph. Investing in shingles with higher wind warranties, coupled with proper installation, can significantly improve your roof’s resilience and safeguard your home during extreme weather conditions.

Vetting Your Roof Replacement Contractor – Beyond the Basics

Choosing the right contractor is crucial for a successful roof replacement. Beyond the basic questions of licensing, bonding, insurance, and warranties, dig deeper into their credentials. Inquire about their experience and work history in your area. A reliable contractor with a proven track record can offer greater assurance of a job well done.

Beyond the Roof Replacement – Warranties and After-Sales Service

The support you receive after your roof replacement is just as important as the installation itself. Discuss the specifics of the contractor’s warranty, including coverage for materials, labor, and parts, as well as its duration. Inquire about extended warranty options if available, understanding the costs and benefits. Clarify the process for requesting service calls and any associated fees. Additionally, assess the contractor’s longevity and reputation to ensure they’ll be available for future support.

Roof Replacement Value – Looking Beyond the Price Tag

While cost is a factor, prioritize value and return on investment when choosing a roof replacement contractor. A fair price should encompass quality materials, expert installation, and all project elements, including ventilation, protective coverings, fasteners, permits, inspections, flashing, material removal and disposal, and project management. Inquire about allowances for unexpected costs, such as repairs to underlying wood. Ultimately, peace of mind, superior materials, and a comprehensive project scope ensure a long-lasting roof that delivers value over time.

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